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Child custody battles are often emotionally charged and exhausting. You need a dedicated family attorney to fight by your side for the best interests of your children. Contact the Law Offices of Dustin S. Branham, PLLC today to retain a child custody attorney in the Davidson, NC and Charlotte, NC areas.

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What factors are considered in a child custody case?

Your attorney from the Law Offices of Dustin S. Branham has the experience and legal skills needed to put the law in your favor. If you're fighting for the custody of your children, the state of North Carolina will consider:

  • The home environment that each parent is capable of providing.
  • The health, lifestyle and financial standing of each parent.
  • Past or current drug use or alcohol abuse.
  • Evidence of domestic violence.
  • Any current child custody agreement or informal arrangements in place.
  • The child's relationship with both parents.
  • The child's preference depending on the age and maturity of the child.

Work with a dedicated child custody attorney who will fight tirelessly for the long-term care and safety of your children. Contact us today to discuss your case in the Davidson, NC area.