Child Support Attorney Charlotte & Davidson, NC

Make Sure Your Children Are Financially Stable

Retain a skilled family law & child support attorney in Davidson, NC or Charlotte, NC

Children can be affected by the outcome of divorce proceedings. When parents separate, they need additional financial support to continue the way of life they deserve. If you're seeking child support or wish to amend current child support decisions, contact the Law Offices of Dustin S. Branham, PLLC in Davidson, NC or Charlotte, NC to speak with an experienced family law and child support attorney.

As your child support attorney, we can help you navigate the process successfully. We will always fight for the best interests of you and your children. Call 704-261-3025 today to retain an attorney for child support assistance in Davidson, NC and Charlotte, NC.

How can an attorney help you in child support cases?

There are several different situations where a child support attorney can assist. Hire an attorney from the Law Offices of Dustin S. Branham to:

  • Help you and your spouse reach an agreed upon amount
  • Contest a child support ruling in court
  • Revise an existing child support ruling to reflect a new situation

If your income or life circumstances have changed, contact a child custody attorney immediately to help you seek a fair and balanced payment.