How to Better Care for Individuals With Special Needs

How to Better Care for Individuals With Special Needs

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Is your aging loved one having trouble managing their affairs? Do you have a special needs child who is 18 or older and needs someone with legal authority to make decisions for him or her? Did you know that family members, parents or adult children, cannot make legal decisions on behalf of an adult even if that adult lacks capacity to make their own decisions? When this happens, the Court must step in and appoint a legal guardian. The Law Offices of Dustin S. Branham, PLLC can help. We take a variety of guardianship cases in Charlotte and Davidson, North Carolina. Your attorney will meet with you to go over the responsibilities of a guardian and help you file the appropriate paperwork.

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How to establish incompetency

Filing a guardianship case based on incompetency is serious because the ward's rights are restricted. To start the process, you'll have to:

  • File a petition for guardianship with the clerk of superior court
  • Mail copies of the petition and notice of the hearing to the respondent's loved ones
  • Meet with a court-appointed Guardian Ad Litem about the ward's best interests
  • Attend the hearing and present sufficient evidence of incompetency to the judge

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